cor flammae DEBUT

Cor Flammae [kor 'flam.maj] 
flaming heart

Cor Flammae debuted in the Summer of 2014 at the Vancouver Queer Arts Festival to a sold out audience. In fact, it might have been the first time in history that a Choral Choir had ticket scalpers.

Cor Flammae is a classically trained Chorus of Queer voices conceptualized to perform content from Queer composers.

"The choir seeks to reveal the hidden Queer heritage often ignored in the conservative world of classical music."
~ Cor Flammae



fallen angels

Fallen Angels: Sacred + Profane was
Cor Flammae's second manifestation in the Summer of 2015.

Sacred + Profane explored how powerful spaces can affect the aural experience, and offered fans two separate concerts, in the sacred St. Andrews-Wesley Church and the profane 8x6 Sex Club.