Analog Dreams

The digital photo medium triggers my insatiable need for perfection. I have to control the scene, the light, the outcome. As expected, this need can sometimes stifle creativity and spontaneity.
I truly long to be an artist. I feel that digital doesn't afford me that luxury.
I realized that fact recently when I was gifted an old analog cameraand loaded it with expired film.
I am just learning this medium and using expired film is a good practice in impermanence and letting go. Letting go of what the outcome will look like or if there even will be one. I can't control the outcome because I can't see it on the back of my camera and perfect it, over and over and over again.
I have to click the shutter, let go, and trust.
The ritual of film is fulfilling.
The anticipation of the film being processed and then that satisfying tangible moment of holding a print in my hands.
I am infatuated.
This is a scene I captured at a nude photo workshop I attended.
It is far from technical perfection, and yet, I find it truly beautiful.