Pride in Arts | Queer Arts Festival

This year I immersed myself in art and community as the principle photographer for the Queer Arts Festival here in Vancouver, BC.

I met some incredibly talented individuals; I experienced poignant performances; I challenged myself photographically and I felt a deep sense of community and pride.

Soprano Teiya Kashahara performing in the Queer Arts Festival's Workshop of the Opera 'When the Sun Comes Out'. Canada's first lesbian Opera, commissioned by the Queer Arts Festival, from Composer Leslie Uyeda and Poet Rachel Rose.

My favorite performer during the festival. Kate Bornstein, Author, Playwright, Performance Artist, Gender Outlaw, Advocate and radical role model for queer youth.

"Do whatever you need or want to do in order to make life worth living. Love who and how you want to love. Just don't be mean. Should you get sent to Hell for doing something that isn't mean to someone, I'll do your time in Hell for you."

~ Kate Bornstein